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Detail ..In HushSoft.Com ,

  • Version : (Citrio 44.0.2403.262) ,
  • Size : 56.1MB ,
  • Date : 31/07/2015,
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Bundleware ,
  • Host By Citrio ,

Hushsoft says: Citrio is a very fast browser or immediately recognizable if you are already aChrome user.You can always easily find extaensions for Citrio software, this software provide you many best festure which you using already and find handy. To this software a couple of standouts are the download manager, speed tests or proxy. In this software all the functions only 3 worked perfectly and compltely a welcome addition. You can search and ask is on by default so most of us will back to Google as the primary search.
1)Speed ..
This Citrio software is a very usefull which designed to be fast in every possible and correct way. This software worked quick and fast to start up from your desktop or loads any web page in a snap or runs complex web app lightning fast.

2)Citrio software running as Simplicity ..
Citrio’s browser showing result in simple and streamlined form in your window or simple and clean. For example, sometime you can search or navigate from the same box or arrange any useable tab you wish and worked on quickly or easily.Portable Update

3)Security ..
Citrio software keep you safer or many secureis designed on the web with built-in malware or phishing protection and auto-updates to make sure you can have all the latest security fixes easily and much more.

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