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  • Version : (foobar2000 1.3.8) ,
  • Size : 3.69 MB ,
  • Date : 09/09/2015,
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Free (Open Source) ,
  • Host By foobar2000 ,

Foobar2000 is famous and most download audio player in all the world. Foobar2000 is an advanced freeware audio player for window xp upto window 10 platform. Foober2000 play your one and one more audio files in one time without any problem. Foober gave you good features for your selected audio formates. Foober2000 player support the all famous and most useable audio formates. You can get this software to any anternet browser like as internet browser and firefox and chrome and opera and much more. The installition setup of foober2000 software is simple and short.You can install this software in own system without any problem. Foober2000 supported the all useable windows.

Foober is the best and powerfull audio player software. The function of using this software is very short and simple so the common person easily use this software without any problem. Foober player gave you many best function for your any useable audio formate. Foober player mostly supported the full and complete unicode and supported native for many famous audio formats and also supporetd ReplayGain in the feature .You can easily use this software in own useable devices.

Main and most usefll features of Foober2000:
Foober player Supported the many famous and most useable audio formats like as MP3 and AAC and CD Audio and WavPack and FLAC and WMA and MP4 and WAV and Vorbis and Speex and AU and AIFF and SND and Foober Musepack and much more with additional components.

  • Foober supported the Gapless playback
  • Foober audio player supported for full unicode
  • It have one more feature that easily customizable user interface layout.
  • Foober audio player running as to advanced tagging capabilities.
  • This software also supported for ripping Audio CDs futhermore transcoding supported all audio formats which are using the Converter component.
  • This player also supported for full ReplayGain
  • Foober palyer running as customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • It have one more feature that Open component architecture gave the offer of third-party developers to extend functionality of the player.
  • Foober audio player runinng as reworked UI structure and also detete various redundant.
  • Foober software supporetd the new media Library and also replacing the old “database” functionality auto.
  • This player running as iImproved playlist management and native multilevel undo and better handling of multiple playlists etc.
  • To this softawre you can changes formatting script title simple and easier operations .
  • This software running as replacing new Converter from old “Diskwriter” component.
    In the new replace converter supported the album image writing preview generation and also multi-CPU optimizations. In this software the famous and useable encoders are supported out-of-the- box and more encoders can be added using generic commandline encoder setup.
  • Foober audio player also supported for many specific file formats like as faster tag updates with FLAC and MP3 and improved AAC streaming and new native ID3v2 and rewritten MP4 and Various speed optimizations and rewritten cuesheet handling with improved handling of embedded cuesheets and and moreimproved UI responsivity during time-consuming operations; better handling of overkill playlist scripts.
  • This software also running as to new file type associations page in preferences.
  • Foober software supported for new and improved ReplayGain scanner with proper multichannel and multi-CPU optimizations now swith option to apply RG adjustment to audio data in MP3 files directly.
  • Foober audio player also supported audio CD with simple and shorT secure ripping functionality directly.
  • It have one more feature that rewritten network code.
  • THis software provide the security by replacing various third party libraries with own implementations.
  • Foober player also supported the various usability.
  • Foober2000 supported the dropped Window NT4 and window 95 and window ME98 and also window OS.
  • It have one more feature that prevented clobbering of certain exotic M4A tags.
  • In this player added several missing menu command for the new ReplayGain playback mode.
  • It have one more feature that oversampled peak scanning added in ReplayGain scanner.

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