GoodSync 10.4.9

GoodSync is premium file backup and sync which mostally used for compared to file sharing tools such Dropbox but it is full different. If both programs sync files b/w devices but GoodSync backs up all useable files and also it is secure in ways Dropbox can not match. This software running as detects block level changes and only syncs actual changed data. It supported for one-time purchase price with a 30-day free trial.

Detail InĀ FileHippo

  • Version : (GoodSync 10.4.9)
  • Size : 23.9 MB
  • Date : 10/6/2017
  • Allow : Shareware $29.96
  • Licence : Free (Open Source)
  • Host By GoodSync

GoodSync is secure and easy and reliable way to synchronize and back up your own photos and important files and also BaMP3 automatically. In your own useable device clicking up and synchronizing your critical documents is as easy is only one click and can also be scheduled using a variety of options auto.

True be directional file synchronization prevents your any useable data loss. Good Sync software allows to synchronize data b/w your laptop and desktop PC and office and home computers and removable devices like as USB Key and CDRW and disc and Flash Drive and also computer and over a local network or the Internet.

File Sync

  • GoodSync syncs software supported for all useable files b/w your useable devices like as mobile and computer and Amazon S3 and FTP and AzureGoogle Drive and WebDAV and SFTP and also SkyDrive.

GoodSyc software allows to Backup Files

This software running as to create backs up your files to your useable devices like as mobiledrive and portable devices and to FTP and DAV and S3 and SkyDrive and GDocs and also other different computer.Q Dir Downlaod

Direct P2P Sync

GoodSync softawre running as to directly Connect syncs files b/w your own computer system without slowness introduced by syncing via 3rd party servers.

Real-Time and Speed Sync

This software is very fast and syncs files on your periodically and command by a schedule or in real time.

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