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  • Version : (Pocket Radio Player 160124) ,
  • Size : 15 MB ,
  • Date : 25/01/2016,
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Free (Open Source) ,
  • Host By Stefan ,

Pocket Radio Player is a most popular software in all the world. It is completely free IceCast compatible and Shoutcast internet radio player for Mac and Linux and all useable Windows like as winXP upto win10 platforms. In all other useable player this software alows to basic functionality in a compact package.

Pocket Radio Player is a small app software but provide helps you listen to your ownfavorite radio programs in the easiest way possible. This player gave you good features for your requirements. It is a cross-platform that can help you listen to Shoutcast radio stations and regardless more you are running Linux and Windows and Mac. Pocket Radio Player supported for android phones and windows phones and more whenever you can easily use this sofware in own useable device because it is completely free you can easily find this player to any antrnet browser like as mozila firefox and chrome and one browser and more. Snapseed App for Android

The user interface of pocket radio player is thanks and simple to its clean layout it appeals to experts alike and beginners. Pocket Radio Player allows toa FMOD audio system usage and also supported for multilingual. You can easily use pocket radio player software after the downloading process ends without installitation in own system. It gave many best and usefull features for own users in all the world.uTorrent Download

The main window is packs and minimalist only some useable options that gave you offer to access the radio stations with just one click in own useable computer system. Compared to all similar and different applications Pocket Radio Player does not come packed with many advanced features like as programmable radio stations and playlists and also bookmarked stations. This software keeps many usefull things as simple as possible when it comes to listening to your own favorite online radio stations.Windows Repair Download

The main features of Pocket Ratio Player are is fellow:

  • Supported for multilingual cross platform app
  • Running as to modular design and Portable and highly customizable and skinable
  • Editor and Station recorder and updater
  • Supported for history of recently stations and played songs
  • Excellent audio quality and performance via FMOD
  • “out of the box” like as no bloated Framework and also other subsidiary requirements.

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