Q-Dir 6.57


Q-Dir Help u To Manage For Use Easy makes files and folder, as installed or portable Windows program. Q-Dir is amazing file manager technique.The file management based on HTML And Few Advanse Reading Tools MS Windows Explorer but 4x plus Tabs.

Detail in FileHippo

  • Version : (Q-Dir 6.49.5)
  • Size : 540 KB
  • Date :27/5/2017
  • System: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  • Licence : Free (Open Source)
  • Host By Q-Dir

Q-Dir File manager reviews and feature

  • Q-Dir New Version  Is Freeware And Easily Installing System use as network folders And USB Or other Many Use Full storage devices That You Using In life.
  • Amazing Quadro And Good files Manage an View techniqale .
  • Use For Drop And Drag Files As all Views On your system Mean Your Computer/Laptop/Any Other’s Device .Save many hand moves .Q-Dir Using On does not have installed .
  • Favorite And With Can Quick access to most often.
  • Drop And Drag Q-Dir dragging Using In Q-views , and Q-Dir from Other programs Like Explorer Browser .
  • In Q-Dir directory Can Clipboard Paste And Copy Under between the views , On The Other Side This programs Like MS Explorer Browser .
  • ZIP , FTP Client Using it cabinet , Using In network , Using In system folders, You Can use In shortcuts .
  • Viewing In List , Viewing In Detail , Viewing In Large icons .
  • Use In Popup Menus Desktop, In My Computer.
  • Color Filter use For Diffrent Color .
  • Highlight Filter Have Fast Items Effective way.
  • Easily Using And quickly filter Many Items .
  • Support All columns .
  • All columns For fast folder.IDM
  • quadruple And Simple Using System  .
  • Allows a quick preview.

Download@Authors Site(32 bit)
Download@Authors Site(64 bit)

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