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  • Version : (SoftMaker FreeOffice 2016.1.0.3515) ,
  • Size : 58.7 MB ,
  • Date : 07/01/2016,
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Free (Open Source) ,
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SoftMaker Free Office TextMaker.

The using method of SoftMaker FreeOffice software is very easy anybody use this program in own computer without any problem. When you open SoftMaker Office progam viaStart>Programs>Text Maker your computer home screen is displayed. For reached next seup this software asks your address and name. This software have not registering setup for your running the program because this software auto personalizing the Document templates for fax and letters and more. Further more you can easily change all this information at any given time for own facilitices. You can easily use this software in own useable computer because the installing and using method of this software is very simple.

In this software the whole TextMaker commands are in the form of complete and clearly arranged menus axnd are also visible under the Title Bar. Sometime if you are interested in accessing the program functions quickly and cearly there is a standard Toolbar shown under the menu bar and yo can easily use this function in own software without any problem. Further more below the Standard toolbar there is the Formatting toolbar which gave you offer you to modify and examine the most commonly used following formats like as Italic and Font and also Bold for the texts.

SoftMaker Free Office PlanMaker

SoftMaker is a completely free and most download and famous program in all other software. You can easily use this software in own useable computer system without any problem and also the using method of this software is very simple. SoftMaker programe spacially designed for providing maximum best benefits to its users while minimizing time and efforts.

In SoftMaker software PlanMaker supported also for more than 330 built in arithmetic functions and an integrated chart. The module that lets you present numbers vividly in charts for creating attractive worksheets via various formatting options. There are character styles and cell styles also available with which you can easily apply frequently needed formatting with a key press.Avast Antivirus

SoftMaker FreeOffice is a effective and reliable and most popular Office suite in all other software. SoftMaker FreeOffice software gave you offer with useful and advanced more useable tools which create new documents and also design perform Excel calculations and presentations.

Further more who know how Office works and are accustomed with Word options and PowerPoint and Excel they will easily get used with the tools that SoftMaker FreeOffice comes with namely PlanMaker more TextMaker and also SoftMaker Presentations. Eacsh of them comes with user-friendly interface an intuitive which provide you help and also perform basic tasks within some seconds.System Explorer

PlanMaker is a most popular and easy to use spreadsheet programe which that comes with various arithmetic functions and also gave you helps for create attractive worksheets through numerous formatting options. Simply your input data consist many things like as numbers and text and symbols and insert and also images then easily generate graphs. Further more by using this software you can easily make use of various useable things like as character styles and paragraph and table functions and borders and extensive paragraph formatting capabilities including bullets and numbering and also shadow. You can easily use this application in own computer system without any problem because the using method of this software is very common.

[toggle title=”Continue Reading” state=”close”]If you start this application first time in own system an empty document window is auto opened ansd also shown on your computer home screen. Thus you can begin immediately entering text. All the menus of this software are organized in best form so you can generate tables and footer sections and add header and also insert new cells without any problem.

The second utility namely SoftMaker Presentations was mainly intended for users who need to design slideshows. By using SoftMaker programe you can easily create SoftMaker and also informative presentations effectively.

From two slide presentations to dynamic multimedia slideshows the using application gave you offer to provides you with simple to use tools ehich gave you help for create any type of presentation material. Further more you can easily navigate through menus and insert symbols and Drop and Drag various objects and create slide transitions and add comments and combine images. By using this application after designed the presentation you can easily navigate to the Start menu in order to preview and also adjust further settings completely.

The least and most popular utility of SoftMaker FreeOffice comes with is called TextMaker and also effective word processor. More if use this application first time in own computer system an empty document is automatically opened. From this point you can easily enter your personal text and bookmarks and insert images and symbols and also Calculations by accessing the ‘Insert’ and inuset paragraph formatting capabilities from the ‘Format’ menu and also simply generate table of contents from the ‘Tools’ menu. To sum things up SoftMaker softawre gave you offer with useful utilities which provide help so you can easily design your write personal documents and own presentations and also create attractive worksheets effortlessly.

At last SoftMaker FreeOffice is a most popular and relaiable software in all other software. You zcan aslo use this software in own computer systwithout any proble because the using method of this software is very common.[/toggle]

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