SunsetScreen 1.24

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  • Version : (SunsetScreen 1.24)
  • Size : 659 KB ,
  • Date : 14/06/2016,
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Free (Open Source) ,
  • Host By SunsetScreen ,

SunsetScreen is free and most useable application for any Window take help in evening glare off your screen.
According to Scientific researches in world has shown that melatonin -Chemical brain late and reduced in day this exposed to blue light. In the blu light work temperiy but this light becomes easier at night to wind down properly, thus have a more restful sleep.
Whether you’re a morning lark or night owl, SunsetScreen running and allows you to change and set the time of the sunrise and sunset, When you sleep cycle you can have easily full control.

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SunsetScreen Features:

  • Supported for set the sunset time precisely.
  • Set the sunrise time.
  • Dims your PC screen at night
  • Easily choose by colour temperature or by HSB for a precise colour.
  • Running as transition from one phase to other phase gradually.
  • Resides in the tray automatically so it keeps best out of your way.
  • Loads automatically at Windows startup.
  • When you need to do colour sensitive work Instantly SunsetScreen turn off.
  • Can easily reset to default if things go wonky and you can also choose from a range of presets.
  • Feature that Small,elegant, fast and its easily to use interface in less than a megabyte.

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