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  • Version : (Zoner Photo Studio ,
  • Size : 66 MB ,
  • Date : 29/01/2016,
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Free (Open Source) ,
  • Host By Zoner,

Zoner Photo Studio is the powerful and most useful one stop shop for your own photo editor needs. It running as to auto back up and download pictures. Retouch in the advanced Editor use the Manager to organize and arranged even huge collections. The 17 version of this software allows to simple and backups and also powerful Quick Edits automatically. You can also use it in own useable device. The main Basic Photo Management of zoner photo studio are as fellow: downloading and agging and sorting and easily getting your all selected photos. It program support a quick photo edits: It work completely faster with resizing and exposure correction etc batch-edit even thousands of photos at once.

The most important adjustments of this program are as fellow like as exposure and noise reduction and white balance can be found in the new Develop module. Using method of this program is very simple and also you can easily find this program. It is fully compatible and support for all image formats and Photo editing is non-destructive and also supported for RAW so you can easily change settings at any time and any where without irretrievably overwriting your original picture. By using this photo studio you can easily sharing own selected photo albums via e-mail is easier than ever the program will create a link for you so in this condition your friends do not have to download huge attachments.

Simple And well organized.

Zoner Photo Studio is a completely free application which spacially designed for creating photos and managing editing in a user friendly environment further more this application gave you offer to excellent tutorials. Zoner Photo Studio application setup is very common as well as it organized interface. During the installation setup of Zoner Photo Studio application you can easily set it to custom and express. It is a only Application which automatically sets the application as the default viewer for your images yet you can easily prevent this by selecting the custom mode and also unchecking the corresponding box.

This application running as to manage and view photographs.

The first tab and as its name hints at and enables you to import images from any location be it on the hard drive and also on a removable storage device like as SD card and pen drive. Further more this application is also running as to create backups and assign author automatically and copyright messages to your all uploaded pics and also rotate them to according to their EXIF information. The “Viewer” tab is the place where you find more space to analyze an image along with the possibility to easily visit the next and previous picture. You can easily use this application in own useable device further more it supported for all computer useable windows. By right clicking here reveals a comprehensive menu with basic functions such as rename and rotate and zoom and also add rating.

By using this application you can easily edit images and also tweak a few configurations.

Sometime When accessing the “Editor” tab you can easily rely on multiple photo manipulating tools like as clone stamps and watermarks and a morphing mesh tool and red-eye correction and brush strokes and also cropping etc. And also it is advisable to experiment with each of these tools until you obtain the best possible results.

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