CudaText 32-Bit

CudaText is a cross platform text editor which running as to written text in Lazarus. This text editor working with multiple documents and also it can be performed using various layouts in same time.

For example one can have a 6-item grid as well as a three frames horizontal display. use it Further more in this program several group can feature more than one file thus significantly increasing the options when multitasking several projects provide many usefull features for users.

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  • Version : (CudaText 32-Bit
  • Size : 7.7 MB
  • Date : 18/5/2017
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Free (Open Source)
  • Host By CudaText

CudaText software Free Download Reviews

This program supported all bookmarks and one can also adjust font settings and more to this program indents can be easily line comments and added can also be inserted.

Once automatically finished and users can easily save their work as code snippets specific to the language employed ready to be built and compiled with any compatible external program without any problem.

In this condition all practical code editor that can be especially useful when multitasking. uTorrent


Using method of this tool is very common Tool supported for all computer windows. After many searches it is proved that CudaText is a valuable tool for Developers regularly working with multiple snippets at the same time without any problem.

Easily get this tool. Further more the split view function can be a real asset in like syntax highlighting and situations gave you offer to around 130 programming languages and also including most common options.

The best features of CudaText are as fellows:

  • CudaText tool supported for syntax highlight for many languages such as C and C++ and PHP and CSS and Python and XML and Java and JavaScript and HTML and also more….
  • Tool supported for overall 160+ lexers from SynWrite and also it supported for Code folding.
  • CudaText tool allows to multi selections and Multi carets.
  • Easily Replace and Find with regex. NotePad++
  • For split tab and split view for 2,3,4,6 files.
  • Special auto completion for CSS and HTML. and also support simple auto completion for some lexers.
  • Allows to tabbed interface.
  • Support command palette.
  • CudaText tool running as to text configs in JSON and also plugins in Python language.

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