WinLock 7.3

Winlock is a freeware for Windows based personal knowledge processing machine which purposes, uses as a safety program as it makes certain that only given authority person can way in sensitive knowledge on your knowledge processing machine.

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  • Version : (WinLock 7.3)
  • Size : 3.6 MB
  • Date : June 2017
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Free (Open Source)
  • Host By WinLock

Winlock lets you keep inside limits your users from making way in system resources like tabletop, system records office, Control flat square bit and you can also put out of operation the burning taste keys and skin, leather the start button and work bar. You can also group the time-frame of use of user since you can put how long can he/she use the knowledge processing machine.

Winlock provides sound letter making note though and once the time limit is got to, the knowledge processing machine will automatically shut down. It also has the workings to say no to way in on several records and applications including way in on usb and hard drives.

Nobody but you can use your knowledge processing machine when is program is used. This gives you a peace of mind especially when you let go of your small computer or personal knowledge processing machine and there are people who wants to use it.

Winlock is a first in the tending to new development and supply of window and door hardware. Winlock feelings of self-importance itself on being the only size supplier of United Kingdom made window handles and can offer not equaled arm levels to our persons getting goods from store, in addition to our window parts of things for gripping, Winlock has a number of other nothing like it United Kingdom made products, that amount an angle is less than right angle our range.

A complete safety answer for personal or publicly readily got to knowledge processing machines and office workstations. It is a program that makes certain that only given authority people can way in sensitive knowledge on your knowledge processing machine.

System restrictions

Disable taskbar, desktop, clipboard, control panel, safe mode

Time-limited access

Control how long your children can use the computer.

Software Filter

Block access to the downloaders, games, messaging clients, or CD burners.

Kiosk mode

Lockdown security for ATMs, terminals and public-access computers.

Installation blocking

Prevent users from installing the software.

Instant Lock

Hide any program or window on your screen with a simple hot key combination.


Hide your system and network drives and block access to flash drives and DVDs.

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